Road traffic accident with spine fracture and paralysis; its impact on youth

“Vrooom”! An engine making that sound is music to some. Many of us love to drive freely on the road with a little adventure and speed. Little do we know that the same adrenaline that fills our hearts can be utterly dangerous?

A study shows that about 8,000 people die every year in road accidents in Gujarat, about 15,000 fracture or severely hurt their spinal cord, and about 10,000 suffer paralysis due to road accidents. Paralysis is the loss of movement in a body or a part of it.

Unlike other bone fractures, spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent disability. It is a fracture in the spine’s vertebral column, which serves as a pillar to the human body. In case of this type of injury, most patients need spine surgery to stabilize the broken vertebral column. But if the injury has caused severe damage to the spinal cord, then full recovery is unlikely. And may young individuals start using wheelchairs for the rest of their life.

Being one of the best spine hospitals in Ahmedabad, we come across multiple such unfortunate cases. Our team of spine specialists and best spine surgeons treat such cases to the best of their abilities, but sometimes there is only so much damage control one can do. Vocational therapy is recommended to these individuals as doing nothing can lead to long-term mental illness, including depression.

So be responsible while driving. There is always someone waiting for you at home to play with you. One should find a trusted and well-aware spine surgeon and get first-hand advice for further action. Drive safe, Drive carefully.