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Dr Tarak Patel from IndoSpine Hospital, Ahmedabad

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Hello, people of Rajkot; you no longer need to travel 200 km to Ahmedabad for a spine checkup. IndoSpine Hospital, led by the best spine doctor in Rajkot – Dr. Tarak Patel is here to take care of your spine’s health.

Spinal issues are increasing due to lifestyle changes and can occur anytime and anywhere. However, judging the problem from basic symptoms is not wise. It is best to visit our spine specialist in Rajkot for an accurate analysis of the problem and the best treatment which is not necessarily surgery.

However, for patients with severe spinal issues requiring surgery, IndoSpine has cutting-edge technologies like O-arm O2, which is a 2D/3D imaging system, and a team of spine experts led by the best spine surgeon in Rajkot – Dr. Tarak Patel.

At IndoSpine, the best spine hospital in Rajkot, we treat spinal problems or conditions of varying severities that include lower back pain, thoracic myelopathy, spondylolisthesis, spine fracture, spine infections, spine tumors, neck pain, spinal cord injury, canal stenosis, and spine deformity.

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Most safe, precise spine surgery
with O-arm® O2® first time at Spine Hospital in Gujarat

O-arm® O2® Best Spine Hospital in Ahmedabad

Machine Available at IndoSpine Hospital for the first time at Spine Hospital in Gujarat.

The O-arm® O2® system is an intraoperative 2D/3D imaging system that is designed to meet the workflow demands of the surgical environment at actual digital spine hospital.

Dr. Tarak Patel

Besides his training and experience of working in the UK, Dr. Patel has worked with some of the premium medical facilities in India including Breach Candy and Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

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Academic Qualifications

  • Tarak Patel did his MBBS from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad.
  • He completed MS (Ortho) from NHL medical college, Ahmedabad.
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Spine Fellowships

  • Tarak Patel did his MBBS from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad.
  • He completed MS (Ortho) from NHL medical college, Ahmedabad.
  • Extensive 2 years of training at Breach Candy hospital and Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Clinical spine fellowship – University hospital of Wales, UK.
  • Visiting fellowships at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, and Apollo Hospital, Chennai.
  • Special Training in Scoliosis and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Best Spine Surgeon, Dr Tarak Patel at Best Spine Hospital

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