your spine

Your spine is made up of 4 parts: Bones, Discs,
Nerves & Soft Tissue (Muscle).

Spine can be Regenerated

Which part of the spine can be regenerated?

The body cannot build a new bone. The spine has 33 vertebrae and it can not build a new one at any stage.

The body cannot generate or
build a new nerve in the spine.

The spine has 23 discs and the body cannot regenerate a new disc at any age.

Soft tissue (muscle tissue) is the only tissue in your spine that you can renegerate and build at any age.

Tips for your spine

Everyday health tips for your spine

Does excess weight cause
Back Pain?

“People, who are overweight are at greater risk to experience chronic back pain.”

All of us are aware that excess weight can interfere with our health. It increases the risk of heart diseases and lowers life expectancy of the patient.

But is it also causing a pandemic of back pain? The number of obese population in India has doubled in the last ten years and so is the number of back pain patients.

Are MRIs and X-rays enough to
diagnose the cause of back pain?

It is common for most doctors to advise imaging tests like MRI or X-ray to determine the cause of back pain.

MRI & X-ray images cannot distinguish between subtypes of back pain and chronic issues. MRI findings do not match with intensity of pain and disability in case of discogenic back pain.

Interpretive errors by radiologists make these reports extremely subjective which, can directly impact the diagnosis, treatment and clinical outcomes.

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Dr. Tarak Patel

Besides his training and experience of working in the UK, Dr. Patel has worked with some of the premium medical facilities in India including Breach Candy and Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai.

Academic Qualifications

  • Tarak Patel did his MBBS from BJ Medical Collage, Ahmedaba
  •  He completed MS (Ortho) from NHL medical college, Ahmedabad

Spine Fellowships

  • Extensive 2 years training at Breach candy hospital and Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai
  • Clinical spine fellowship – University hospital of Wales, UK
  • Visiting fellowships at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore and Apollo Hospital, Chennai
  • Special Training in Scoliosis and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


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