Recurrent osteoid osteoma in young male

Mr. SJ, 28, was operated on a year ago for Osteoid Osteoma in RT 1 pedicle by minimally invasive spine surgery at our spine and pain management center. Osteoid Osteoma is a benign bone tumor that causes severe pain at the site and increases by night. 

When he visited Dr. Tarak Patel, one of India’s finest spine specialists, he suffered from severe backache. He even faced difficulty in carrying out his daily routine. His MRI reports and CT scan showed that the tumor (Nidus) wasn’t properly removed. Dr. Tarak advised him to undergo open surgery to remove the tumor (Nidus). Dr. Tarak stabilized the spine with pedicle screws and removed the tumor entirely, including the nidus, which was then sent to the laboratory for examination and confirmation. Pathology reports confirmed that the tumor was removed entirely. Post the spine surgery suggested by Dr. Tarak Patel; the patient was relieved from all pains. Today, he leads a normal and happy life with his loved ones and is glad to consult our team of top spine surgeons in Ahmedabad.