Perils of Spondylitis

Also known as spinal osteoarthritis or Spondylosis is a spine condition that arises due to an inflammation of the vertebra. In this condition, pain arises when discs in the spine start to degenerate, leading to slipped disc. Most often the symptoms, include inelasticity, numbness, and tingling felt in the neck or lower back. It is form of Arthritis cause due to congenital defects, wear and tear of bone tissues, old-age or fatal accidents.

It is a condition that causes pain and is detected only when it has fully developed. The early sign of spinal osteoarthritis are pain in lower back, hips, buttocks, neck, ligament & tendon or mild fevers, appetite loss and others. While it is difficult to cure spondylitis, certain home remedies and exercises can help reduce the pain significantly.

The goal of treatment to this type of condition is to relieve one’s pain and stiffness to prevent or delay complications and spinal deformity. There are various types of treatments to this condition.

If one witnesses any of the above symptoms or experiences excrutiating pain in the lower back of your body, consult a spine surgeon. A trusted and experienced doctor can help you choose the perfect treatment to your problems and helps you find the crux of your problem through diagnosis and consultation.