Mr. TL, 34, faced difficulty in walking and couldn’t balance himself while walking when he first visited Dr. Tarak Patel, our lead spine surgeon. On diagnosis, his MRI reports indicated that he had a malignant tumor at the D9 level along with severe spinal cord compression. After studying his case carefully, Dr. Patel advised Mr. TL to undergo surgery for tumor excision and cord decompression. Mr. TL was hesitant at first and turned down Dr. Tarak’s advice. 

Mr. TL returned to Dr. Tarak after 2 months only with much severely damaged spine and a complaint of inability to walk. After analysis, it was found that he had developed spasticity in both legs and suffered complete paralysis in his legs. Spine surgery was performed at IndoSpine’s spine and pain management facility for tumor excision by Dr. Tarak with IONM (Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring) to avoid any spinal cord damage and nerves. 

Mr. TL underwent D9-D10 laminectomy with MISONIX; another safety device was to decompress the spinal cord to avoid any damage to the spinal cord or its covering. His tumor was excised in “TOTO” (in one piece) and was sent to the laboratory for pathological testing. After examining it, it was found that it was Schwannoma. Post the surgery, Mr. TL started showing improvement in neurology, and from the third day, he started walking with the help of support. With regular check-ups and follow-up sessions, Mr. TL could walk independently after precisely 3 months.

We were happy to see the patient walking again without any difficulty or pain. Getting nervous about surgeries is natural, but when surgery is mandatory, one must follow the doctor’s suggestion and get done with the surgery. Our team of spine and pain specialists in Ahmedabad ensured none of Mr. TL’s concerns came true, and they delivered the best possible spinal care to him. Mr. TL was fortunate to be able to fight against all odds and walk again. Not all of us are that lucky. Hence, if you have any spine problem, get it treated as soon as it is detected.