C1-2 instability with Quadruparesis

Mr. BP, 65, came to IndoSpine (Svarna Spine Hospital at that time) with complaints of inability to walk and weakness in four limbs. He was brought to the hospital in a wheelchair, for he didn’t have enough ability in both legs. After examining him, Dr. Tarak Patel, one of the top spine specialists in Ahmedabad, suggested he get X-rays and MRI done. His reports showed AAD with instability on Flexion-extension X-ray. AAD is a condition when the first cervical vertebrae slip forward over the second cervical vertebrae. His MRI reports also indicated the spinal cord’s compression at C1 level with some cord changes, suggesting severe spinal cord damage. Dr. Tarak suggested surgery to fix C1 and C2 in the reduced position. The CT scan showed high riding vertebral arteries on both sides. Hence, the surgical planning was changed from C2 pars/pedicle screw to C2 inter-laminar screws.

The surgery was done under INOM (Intra Neuro Operative Monitoring) to continually observe the nerve function during surgery and prevent further damage. The surgery was successfully finished, and the patient could walk on his feet with a stick’s help.Our team of spine specialists in Ahmedabad made sure his treatment went on without any discomfort or hiccups. Our spine hospital is equipped with all the technology and facilities needed to take proper patient care. We are proud to have the patients’ experience make a case for IndoSpine to be the best spine surgery hospital in India.