Osteoporosis – An old age disease

An old age disease

An old age disease

An old age disease

A human body takes birth, grows, matures, and then starts to decay. We are well aware that there are minor and major problems when the human body begins to age. These problems can be related to tissues, hormones, internal body parts and bones, and others. One such major problem is Osteoporosis.

A generally perceived meaning of this particular disease is the weakening of bones due to the loss of density of bones and bone tissues. However, the more literal meaning of this term is “porous bones.” Both men and women both experience it, yet, majority of cases are that of women. In cases of women facing this issue, their bodies start to decay after a certain age, say 35 years, or when one hits the menopausal phase. It is also caused by excessive smoking, alcohol, or weight.

The bone tissues that once lead to a renewal of new bones in place of damaged ones now start to slow down, leading to weak bones, eventually causing a fracture. Hence, a bad fall or, in certain severe cases, a sneeze can lead to a crack.

Osteoporosis caused due to spine fracture is called the osteoporotic spine fracture. It can be acute or chronic in nature. On conventional imaging, acute fracture signs include cortical breaking or impaction of trabecula; in the absence of these signs, fractures are chronic. In uncertain cases, MRI signs of oedema (acute) and the presence of radiotracer uptake on bone scintigraphy (acute) help decide the age of the fracture.

However, anyone with such an atrocious injury should immediately refer to a spine surgeon and take the next course of action as per the doctor’s directions. If medical care is not given to the patient in time, it can lead to life-long paralysis, immobility, or in severe cases, death.

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