21st century manager & spine problems

The spinal cord is like a pillar to the body. It is the strategic placement of bones in a series like structure that holds the body together. Any minor injury in the spine leads to a long-lasting impact not on the back but the entire body. These injuries can be due to accidents, falls, excessive stress, or long duration of seating arrangement.

Managers of the 21 st century are well-read professionals who work day & night to make a living. It is said that almost 70% of the working professionals sit for nearly 8-11 hours a day. This habit of sitting in one place has caused specific spine health issues to the young generation for a long time.

At 25 years, a certain someone starts to slouch or has a hump. A hump is a large lump on a person’s back, usually caused by excessive stress on the spine. Spending much of your day in a seated position can leave your spine sore, stiff, and in pain. That’s because too much sitting, while it may be relaxing, puts stress on the muscles and discs of your back and neck. This position results in tightness of your hip flexors such as the iliopsoas muscle and pressure and some ischemia (restricted blood flow) of your buttock muscles—the gluteus maximus. This muscle is an essential supporter of the spine.

To avoid this, our spine specialists suggest one should keep stretching herself after every two-three hours or join some physical activity to keep her spine healthy and fit. An agile body will have not only a perfect posture but also a fresh mind.If a person feels constant pain in the back or neck for a prolonged time, he/she should visit an experienced and trusted spine surgeon for its ailments. The spine surgeon can suggest corrective courses of action. IndoSpine is a leading spine surgery hospital in Ahmedabad, and we always come across several young patients having back issues stemming from improper postures and prolonged sitting. Our spine and pain management center encourage employees to keep moving every once in a while and do light stretching at fixed intervals while at the job. We would love other businesses and enterprises to take a hint from us and promote a healthy working environment.