Neck pain – What and why do they occur?

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Neck pain – What and why do they occur?

The neck is a bridge between the body and the brain. It is one of the most critical body parts for human beings. It gives the head movement and flexibility to it. A slight change in the neck can lead to increasing pain. Pain in the neck has been a commonly sighted problem these days. It is a result of poor posture or strain on the neck.

However, it is unlikely to see any serious problems caused due to neck pains. A neck pain that lasts for a short time and, with proper guidance from the doctor, can be dealt with. One must seek medical care if the pain reaches your arms or hands from the neck.


How does it start in the first place?

The neck supports the weight of the head in a human body. Thus, it is vulnerable to injuries and pains. It is caused due to some of the following causes:


  • Muscle pull/stiffness – Sitting for long hours or hunching while working on your workstation can cause your muscles to get stiff. Sleeping in the wrong posture or lifting heavy objects can cause a muscle pull. In both cases, this muscle pain can give rise to neck pain due to stress.
  • Wear & Tear in Joints – Age might as well be just a number, but there are joints in the neck that wear out with age. As the body starts to deteriorate, so does the joints as the bones spur, which affect joint motion and causes pain.
  • Injury – Rear-end auto collisions often result in a whiplash injury, which occurs when the head is jerked backward and then forward, straining the neck’s soft tissues.
  • Illnesses – diseases or illnesses can significantly affect the neck. Conditions like meningitis, cancer, osteoarthritis, and others can cause neck pain.
  • Appropriate posture – Maintaining a proper posture is as essential as breathing. Thus, when standing or sitting, make sure your shoulders are aligned in a straight line over your hips and ears.
  • Take a break – If your job requires you to sit in a place for prolonged hours or keeps you on the go, pause. After subsequent hours, do specific stretching exercises that help your stiffened muscles get some rest.
  • Distance from your workstation – maintaining a proper distance from your workstation is significant. Adjust the desktop or the laptop at an eye-level distance. Make sure to use the chair’s armrest.
  • Use headphones or earplugs – Instead of holding your phone between your ear and shoulder, always use earplugs. This will reduce the strain, and you can freely talk while working or eating.
  • Quit Smoking – Smoking can put your life at a tremendous amount of risk, and thus, one should quit smoking for a healthier life.
  • Reduce the weight of bags – If you carry heavyweight baggage on your shoulders, it causes neck pains. This can be avoided if the weight is significantly reduced.
  • Sleeping position – Your head and neck should be aligned with your body. Use a small pillow under your neck. Try sleeping on your back with your thighs elevated on pillows, which will flatten your spinal muscles.

Our spine and pain management specialists suggest the above-mentioned corrective measures to prevent neck pain. However, if you feel the situation worsening, you should get some medical consultation. IndoSpine is a leading spine hospital in Ahmedabad, and we can definitely help you with the diagnosis. Feel free to book an online video consultation call with our spine hospital if you experience some discomfort in your neck region.

Neck pain – What and why do they occur?