All about Neck Pain

Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon’s guide to neck pain

All about Neck Pain

Neck pain! It is something that we all are familiar with, right? Well, neck pain is something that we often experience in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes we notice, and sometimes we don’t. Our awareness of neck pain always depends on the kind of pain we are having.

Yes! Have you ever noticed that the pain we experience is different each time? Sometimes it is a sharp pain. We experience it in a particular area of the neck. Sometimes it’s a muscle strain, which hurts when we move our neck. Sometimes it’s a persistent pain that takes time to go away. Each type of pain falls into different categories. Read the blog and learn about Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon’s guide to neck pain.

You must be wondering why? Why does it happen? Even after trying everything out to prevent this. Well, our daily habits are responsible for this. Starting from eating habits to sleeping habits and every damn thing that we do throughout our day.  It is not fair to blame ourselves entirely, though; the roots of neck pain and several other pains lie in the modern lifestyle, and it is prominent that it is biting us on the face!

All about Neck Pain

But modern life comes with solutions as well, that is why you are still here with us! It is not too difficult to be healthy. We are constantly being deceived by unrealistic beauty standards, products, and some impossible to achieve diet plans. And it is so deeply rooted in our minds that we have stopped believing in facts. In the chaos of millions of companies claiming that their medicine or product can make your pain disappear like magic, we forget to remind ourselves that all those claims are doing nothing but giving some bizarre ideas about the medical industry.

If you ask the doctors of IndoSpine, the best spine hospital in Ahmedabad, there are some simple steps to keep your neck healthy and fine. You need to be conscious about it. But before jumping to any conclusion, you must stick to the facts and understand your pain and the reason behind it.

So, is there any serious issue behind our neck pain? Well, doctors of the most trusted spine hospital in Ahmedabad, IndoSpine, say that there might be some serious issues or might be not. If you feel that your pain is not the ordinary pain you were thinking of before, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon’s guide to neck pain covers all your doubts.

Specific symptoms tell you that you may have some problem in your neck; it can be a minor problem like something caused by an inadequate sleeping posture or something serious like a problem in the spine that is ultimately causing your neck pain. Listen to Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon’s guide to neck pain and get rid of your neck pain.

According to Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon’s guide to neck pain, there are several types of pain.

Types of Neck Pain:-

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  1. Stiff neck: –A stiff neck is one of the most common neck pains. We often wake up from sleep and feel tremendous pain in our channel, and we can’t move the neck for at least two days. This is what a stiff neck is.
  2. Headaches: – Yes, you have heard it right! Headache is not always related to the head but sometimes with our neck. If not taken care of properly, a stiff neck can persist and cause headaches.
  3. Sharp pain: –This type of pain generally affects a smaller area, and the pain is stronger, or what we say, sharp. It gives a stinging or needling sensation.
  4. General Soreness: – This type of pain affects the broader region of the neck. It is not a sharp pain.

Types based on duration:-

  1. Acute pain: – Lasts less than 4 weeks.
  2. Subacute pain: – Lasts 4 to 12 weeks.
  3. Chronic pain: –Lasts 3 or more months.

Causes of Neck Pain:-

  1. Muscle Strain: –A muscle strain in the neck is the injury of the muscle or the fibrous tissue that connects the muscles to the bones. This injury can be of different types, but mostly it is nothing but a condition when the muscle gets overstretched, causing pain; however, the pain doesn’t last for too long. Generally, it happens due to some odd neck posture that often occurs while sleeping.
  2. Nerve Compression: –Nerve compression is a condition in which the nerve in the neck is somehow compressed or irritated, which causes pain. It happens due to the changes in our spine as we age, and sometimes it can cause an injury.
  3. Repetitive motion: –We all are familiar with this. In our daily lives, we perform some activities that include irregular movements of the neck, which happen unconsciously. Interestingly, our body adapts to that unpleasant motion, and it becomes problematic to correct the posture, making it difficult to cure the pain.
  4. Emotional stress: – Yes! Emotional stress can cause pain in your neck because emotions are also related to our nerves. As we know, stress cause headache similarly. It affects our neck too.

According to IndoSpine, the most trusted spine hospital in Ahmedabad, some habits can prevent neck pain.


  1. Start paying attention to your posture: –Posture is a crucial part of spine health, and it includes your neck as well. If you sit and work for a more extended period, try to change your posture every 1 hour. Try to sit with your back straight but not always; sitting with your back straight can put pressure on the muscles, so relax your spine as well. Your head is not supposed to be at a 90-degree angle with your shoulders all the time, so don’t forget to move your head often. If you feel that something is wrong with your posture, visit the best spine hospital in Ahmedabad, IndoSpine.
  2. Take frequent breaks: –If your job requires sitting and working in front of the computer for 8 or more hours, then take breaks. Taking breaks doesn’t mean that you need to lie down for 1 hour. Moving errands for 5 mins in every 1 hour is enough.
  3. Adjust your chair and computer: – Yes, it is essential to adjust your position while working. Your computer doesn’t have to be at a constant angle. Adjust your computer according to your changing position and make sure that you are comfortable. It is applicable not only for the office but also for those working from home. Sitting on the bed while working doesn’t reduce the chances of neck pain. So, try to move and change your sitting position frequently.
  4. Avoid tucking your phone in between your ears and shoulder: – We often tuck our phone in between our ear and shoulder so that we can talk while our hands are busy, but this unconscious posture can cause muscle strain. So, use earphones when talking over a call while your hands are busy.
  5. Quit unhealthy habits: – Unhealthy habits such as smoking eating oily food affect our spine health. Smoking dehydrates the discs of our spine, which causes pain.
  6. Engage in activities: – Moving is very important to keep your neck and spine healthy. Even if you don’t have time to engage in regular exercise, try to move your neck in a circular motion. A healthy back is a way to a healthy neck. Move your shoulders downwards while keeping your back straight.

This is how we conclude. Keeping your neck healthy requires a little bit of awareness. If you are facing trouble due to persistent neck pain, then visit  IndoSpine, the best spine hospital in Ahmedabad. And get the best treatment for your neck and spine-related problems.