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Signs your back pain might be serious: The essential guide

Are you skipping work again because of back pain? And often asking your mother or partner for a relaxing massage? Well, a massage can be great therapy for your back pain. But have you ever wondered why your back hurts so much? As the most trusted spine hospital in Ahmedabad, IndoSpine says, the answer lies in your daily activities.

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Daily activities that might cause back pain: -

Your desk job: -

Do you know that you spend more than 8 hours per day just sitting? Yes, our desk jobs have stolen our mobility. Lack of movement decreases blood flow in our spine, leading to back pain. Long hours of sitting also cause our muscles to strain, which is another reason behind back pain.

Lifting heavy objects: -

Lifting heavy objects daily puts extra pressure on our spine, which causes back pain.

Poor diet: -

It is not only about what you do but also what you eat. A poor diet that lacks nutrients essential for your bone health can weaken your spine, leading to back pain.

Smoking: -

Your bad habits are the most prominent reason behind your pain. Smoking causes the discs in your spine to dehydrate, which leads to severe back pain.

Sleeping posture: -

Just like sitting, the way you also sleep matters when it comes to your back health. Bad sleeping posture, such as sleeping on your belly, restricts your back from getting the needed rest, leading to back pain.

Types of back pain: -

According to the most reliable spine hospital in Ahmedabad, IndoSpine, your back pain can be divided into two parts-

Acute back pain: -

This type of pain is short-lived; it is mainly caused by muscle strain or muscle sprain.

Chronic back pain: -

This type of pain is sharp and stays longer. In most cases, chronic back pain results from some serious issues.

Now you know the facts that cause back pain, and maybe you will start working on those, right? That’s a great step! But it is not always you who can fix the problem. Some condition requires medical help. But as back pain is so common, it is almost impossible to predict the right reason behind it. Most back pains are minor and can be treated at home, but how would you recognize that your back is asking for help?

If you are looking for something similar, you did the right thing. IndoSpine, the most trusted spine hospital in Ahmedabad, is here. Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon talks about signs your back pain might be serious.

When Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon talks about signs your back pain might be serious, he also makes sure that you know the reason or the medical condition behind it.

Let us look at the signs which show that your back pain might be serious –

Signs of serious back pain: -

Sharp pain rather than a dull ache: -

Serious issues come with pain that is sharp. It means that you feel a sudden spike of pain.

Radiating pain: -

This type of pain travels through other parts of your body. Suppose your lower back hurts, and you realize that your legs also hurt; this is what radiating pain is.

Sudden weakness in the legs: -

As we are talking about legs, this point also comes. If you feel weakness in your limbs, especially your legs, and the pain, it is concerned.

Incontinence: -

Incontinence is when you feel pain, but you also lose control over your bowels and bladder.

Numbness in the groin or glutes: -

Serious nerve compressions often cause numbness in the groin or glutes and back pain.

Progressive worsening: -

If your back is getting worse with each passing day, there are some serious issues.

Balance problems: -

In this condition, your back pain affects your foot or legs and might lead to the inability to walk properly.

This is how we end the section where Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon talks about signs your back pain might be serious. But don’t leave it. As the most trusted spine hospital in Ahmedabad, IndoSpine always gives you more.

These are the symptoms that make it prominent that you might have some serious issues, but what kind of issues? Several spine disorders come with the symptoms mentioned above.

Spine disorders that cause severe back pain along with other issues: -

Learn about the disorders when Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon talks about signs your back pain might be serious.

Degenerative disc disease: -

It is not a disease but a condition where the disc starts to dry out or deteriorate. Though the degeneration begins in the early 30s, the symptoms become prominent when the person reaches the age of 50.

Scoliosis: -

Scoliosis is the unnatural curvature of the spine. The abnormal curve affects the muscles, nerves, and other body organs. It is congenital but can also happen at a younger age, but the severity increases with age.

Osteoporosis: -

Osteoporosis is a condition where bone density decreases, making them weak and vulnerable to fracture.

Herniated disc: -

According to IndoSpine when, the most trusted spine hospital in Ahmedabad, the disc in the spine has a softer portion called the nucleus. The nucleus is protected by a more rigid and rubbery annulus portion.  A herniated disc is when the tougher portion of the disc (annulus) is torn, and the nucleus comes out, putting pressure on the nearby nerves, which ultimately causes pain and numbness. Herniated disc doesn’t always need to cause pain; this condition can also be asymptomatic.

Cauda equina syndrome: -

This illness is caused by spinal nerve damage, requiring surgical treatment.

Non-spine conditions that cause back pain: -

Ahmedabad’s best spine surgeon talks about signs that your back pain might be serious, including other reasons that can also cause back pain.

  • Kidney, digestive issues, and sometimes gallstones cause back pain.
  • A ruptured aneurysm means that a part of blood vessels is damaged.
  • Aortic dissection is when the inner layer of the tissue in the aorta, the main vessel, carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body.

Conclusion: -

This is how we conclude. No matter what kind of pain you are experiencing, any discomfort that lasts longer than 2 weeks needs medical attention. So, don’t think twice and visit the most trusted spine hospital in Ahmedabad, IndoSpine and get the best solution for your back pain from our experienced doctors.