A Transformation Journey: From Congenital Deformity To A Healthy Spine

Patient with Congenital Deformity

A Transformation Journey: From Congenital Deformity To A Healthy Spine

Challenges are inevitable, but they bring lessons to rise above and embrace a future full of resilience and hope. In the field of medicine, we come across multiple stories concerning physical limitations, and some of them display the unbeatable spirit of turning their destinies. One such case is of a 22-year-old woman who was suffering from a congenital deformity in the dorsolumbar spine.

Medical Condition

By birth, the young woman was suffering from a deformity in the dorsolumbar region of her spine. With time, her physical condition worsened, and chronic back pain took over her ability to sit, stand, and sleep peacefully. Apart from disturbing the patient’s routine activities, the condition caused cosmetic issues, raising concerns over her marriage.

Congenital spinal deformities are basically spinal disorders that develop before birth. This results in an abnormal development which results in the C or S-shaped curve of the spine.

Patient with Congenital Deformity
Patient with Congenital Deformity

Medical Journey

The 22-year-old woman with increasing physical difficulties constantly sought proper treatment but her condition remained undiagnosed and untreated for years.

However, her medical experience took a positive turn when she visited IndoSpine Hospital and met Dr. Tarak Patel, the best spine doctor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The doctors undertook relevant procedures and X-rays for a detailed analysis of her condition, after which she was advised of surgery. 

After careful consideration of her physical health and condition’s severity, our team of doctors performed a major deformity correction spine surgery wherein the pedicle screws were inserted above and below the deformed area in the vertebrae, and a spacer was inserted after the excision of the fused vertebrae. We were able to achieve desired precision and outcome with the help of  higher-end technologies like ultrasonic bone scalpel, 10NM, and O Arm navigation.


Patient treared for Congenital Deformity

Her congenital spine deformity was permanently corrected at IndoSpine, the best spine hospital in Ahmedabad, and post-recovery, she was able to continue her routine activities. Currently, she is clinically well-balanced and sees life with confidence.

Treatment of Congenital Deformity by spine spine surgeon doctor