Minimally-invasive lumbar microdecompression surgery is a procedure that can effectively reduce pain caused by impingement of the nerves in the lower spine. The nerves of the spine are very sensitive tissues that relay messages between different parts of the body. However, this uninterrupted cord of communication is subject to the wear and tear of daily life and sometimes acute injuries such as a car accident.

A minimally-invasive lumbar microdecompression procedure is ideal for treating conditions that cause pressure on the spinal nerves, such as lumbar spinal stenosis. It will attend to the cause of the symptoms, providing pain relief as well as improved mobility in patients. A minimally-invasive lumbar decompression procedure can also benefit those patients whose pain is the result of excess ligament. Using imaging technology to guide the procedure, your doctor will insert specialized instruments through the small incision to remove the ligament and bone putting pressure on your spinal canal.

Minimally-invasive lumbar microdecompression offers several benefits over traditional surgical approaches, including:

  • Only a one-inch incision needs to be made
  • It is typically an outpatient procedure
  • Complications are rare
  • No implants are used
  • Recovery time is minimal, with patients generally returning to work and light activity in approximately one week